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Our Story

Mission Background

Computer Forensic Repair has been in combined business for over 28 years. Our technicians are always continuing education every 25 days with Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and many more.

We are here to advise you, guide you and teach you on what to be ready for when the information on your computer becomes at risk. Most companies will not show you how to manage your computer for safety and security reasons, along with network threats that come from your modem or router from your provider.

This is one reason out of many reasons why this company was created for analyzing the issues and developing new strategies for consumer and commercial services.

We do not take your money and run. 

These four pieces are what you should have in your home or business


The technology you use today is mostly used with the internet coming from your home, business or cell phone towers from the provider


The router is used to provide Wifi and Security in your home, business or department. This is not a provider Wifi device.


This device is used to protect, monitor and safeguard your devices in your home or business from hackers, cyber threats, and much more.


This device helps Accelerate communication between computers though and ethernet (RJ45) connection.

Do you have internet service from your Internet Service Provider?

These 4 devices listed above is what you need to have in your house, business etc., especially if you keep clients files in your computer, if you run credit card transactions, book keeping, accounting, taxes, and so on. Basically any client files you keep in a computer system, or storage device. Call a technician for details.

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