Cyber Readiness

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Our technicians are constantly training around the clock and manipulating software from providers and developers. Our technicians are constantly training and continuing education in the cyber and software field. Reasons for their constant training, is for them to study and be prepared for the numerous intrusions in Microsoft software(s), Apple software(s), developers softwares, the dark web, black web and so on. Both of the giant software companies along with other companies have developed new software updates to prevent such attacks, but there is still instability issues within the software itself and instability where the communication is coming from, also known as transmiting, uploading or receiving into these softwares. This can prevent your computer from running correctly and accurately. Such symptoms, are as follows: Modem/Router breaches which leads to your computer slowing down, Internet connection issues, loss of files, viruses and much more. All this corruption gets downloaded in the coding in your operating software (OS) within your computer and comes from only one source:


How does a Cyber Attack happen?

A common question we get is, What is a cyber attack? How does it get to that point? A cyber attack is when your computer is vulnerable to others while on the internet or sharing an internet connection signal with someone else. You become vulnerable because you have no software updates, virus protection or malware protection in your computer and most importantly no firewall protection connected to your internet service providers hardware. The intrusion starts with the modem that comes from your internet service provider or what is transmitting in their systems. Your modem has an IP number assigned to it which is regulated from your provider. Your provider has a set of servers, network equipment and transmitters which is shared with many other people across the country world wide. (Also known as World Wide Web..www.). When you purchase your computer, tablet, cell phone, is just a piece of machinery with no internet connection. Your device has already been tested before it gets to you once you buy it from any company, online store or anywhere else. That device is not infected, manipulated or has intrusions of any kind once you put that device in your hands. However, that piece of machinery’s security changes once you connect it to your internet connection, cellular phone systems such as 3G, 4G, 5G, I.O.T., hotspot or someone else’s wireless fidelity also known as “Wifi”.

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