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Can a breach occur in any computer, cell phone, tablet, or even the hotspot in my car that comes from On Star services?

Yes, please remember…any internet connection you receive on that device is shared with multiple users. It only takes one person to be infected.

Is it safe to put my information online such as on social media sites, etc?

No, however, there are regulations that say you must put all truthful information about yourself if you want a social media profile. Based on our experience with many customers most have real profiles and some do not have their real information on there. Please understand if you are using the dark web, black web, and manipulative sites make sure you do not use that computer for anything other than just that. Do not use that computer for anything else even if you did it just one time.

Can a virus keep my computer from turning on?

Yes, these issues occur when you download an infected file that comes from an e-mail, or unsecured website, data file sharing, and much more.

What is data file sharing?

Data file sharing is when you pass a file, also known as the picture, video, text, forward phone calls, emails, Bluetooth, NFC connection such as a wireless tap on devices, and much more.

Can these issues be stopped completely?

No, these issues cannot be completely stopped. You can prevent them from happening by purchasing and using particular hardware and software on your home internet systems. Please remember your internet signal is where these issues start from not the device itself. 

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