Lets Get Into Science

The founder and creator of Computer Forensic Repair, Dr. Robert Guerra had a vision to help others in computer repair and cyber industry. Dr. Guerra’s creative background and training from Harvard and M.I.T. gave him other ideas and ways to protect consumers identity and computers from being compromised.

Dr. Guerra created new innovative ways and designed new technology which is now used to find new scientific ways to stop and slow down cyber attacks, in the cyber industry.

Dr. Guerra’s vision is to be the best in innovation, technology, computer repair, and cyber security.

This is where the demand is and we are always prepared for the future in communication and identity safety. Cyber attacks, networks security and computer repair are needed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Computer Forensic Repair is available 24hrs a day.

Meet The Team

Our team is always ready to help and always ready for a challenge. They will fight and have answers for you when needed. Most answers are not always what we or you want to hear but it is the truth and we will teach you on how to stop it from happening and preventing it from happening again.

Understand Your Technician

Always ask a technician questions before you take your computer or network system to get serviced. If it does not sound right or is confusing, and not explained correctly it’s probably not a good idea to have that person(s) work on your deivce or network system..

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